Thursday, October 25, 2012

Outfit/Nail post

Yeah it's late and yeah these are late but here you go.

These are two outfit posts and two weeks of nails. The first pic is from last week, I wore my black A line dress with my striped Urban sweater over and gray crochet tights in my Steve Madden motorcycle boots. I looked majorly wack in the picture so I had to crop out my face. By wack I mean weirder than I've ever seen my face :) When I got cold I put on my leather vest, so yeah, a lot of black. Note the neon green watch, I got it this Summer and have been obsessed with it for a long while.

The second look is from when it rained this week. The first image is of the outfit during the day and the second image is of when I had to go outside and realized it was raining. I wore hot pink skinnies and a camel sweater to match my new gold belt. I really love the colors together, especially with my fading tan. When it rained I realized my only defense other than my leather vest was my red leopard scarf. Even though it doesn't totally work with my jeans, I loved wearing it Grace Kelly style. 

                  The shoes are my rubber leopard loafers. You like?

You can't really see my nails but I hope you get the gist- It was supposed to be like flowers on the water. Its OPI Russian Navy under a silvery OPI color with a rainbow of flowers done with a pointed Q-tip. The other pic is from this week, I did purple with two cloud layers in green and dark brown. Below the clouds are silver dots.

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