Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Obsessions

  • Spring Break of course!
  • Psych reruns
  • Aretha Franklin- I've been singing so many of her hits lately, she's  too awesome, seriously
  • Hunter Hayes- I don't normally listen to country, but I like this guy
  • Pilates
  • Wedge sneakers- Lulu's has great ones, and if you're willing to spend the money, Steve Madden has nice ones
  • Altoids-yum :)
  • Salmon- I really love making salmon, and successfully grilling them is a real accomplishment for me, I'm more of the "put it in the oven and wait" type

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Keeping Warm in the Winter: Dresses

Layering dresses foor Winter
My last Winter layering installment, dresses, is now up!
Look One is in part inspired by Wicked. I heard a talk from the original costume designer a few years back and this jacket reminded me so much of their school uniforms. The architectural shape of the jacket compliments the flowing pleats of the dress beautifully and is echoed in the pointy-toed flats. The jacket's shape also highlights the skinniest part of most women's bodies.

Look Two's focus is this absolutely gorgeous jacket. Truly any awesome jacket will work with this outfit, but I love a collarless one with bright and intricate detail work. The key to this layered look is to not disrupt the silhouette of the dress. The button down should be thin so that the collar is the only detail that adds to the outfit. The jacket ends before the A-line skirt flares out, which exaggerates the skinniest part of the outfit. Make sure the dress ends within a few inches of the knee, below to highlight your calves, above to lengthen your legs. I would definitely wear heels with this outfit, they'll make the a-line skirt appear more dramatic.

Look Three is more relaxed than the other looks, and more figure friendly. If you want to wear a dress with a fuller skirt, like I've shown, than wear a shirt that ends no more than two inches past wear the skirt begins, if the shirt is too long than you lose your waist in all the fabric. If you go with a slim dress or body con, than the shirt can be a little longer, but not too much. I love a good bomber, and the stretchy bottom part is essential when dealing with this much fabric. I'm on a wedge sneakers binge, especially with dresses, they add height and lengthen the leg while keeping the outfit appropriate for day. This outfit would also work with boots, however, maybe loafers.

Monday, February 18, 2013

February Obsessions

-Otis Redding -I've been lovin me some Otis
-My new vintage Brooks Brothers sweater I got in Brooklyn, its sooo warm
-Antoinette-the store I got my sweater at on bedford ave
-Blood oranges
-Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies- that movie was seriously good
-Bright lips- give me red and pink and orange brighten up this dreary month!
-Safe Haven- that movie was crazy
-French braids- I finally learned how to do it!
-Grapefruit Juice
-Apple Pie

Friday, February 15, 2013

Keeping Warm in the Winter: Pants

Winter layering
Part two, much awaited I'm sure. Now today is probably no the best day to post this seeing as the temperatures have skyrocketed but I'm sure next week  we'll  be back down to the 20's. Look one is Glam. The black fur is super chic, and very warm. The problem with short furs is they can look fancy fast, so let the boots be the only other somewhat fancy element. Jeans are a great compliment to the fur and make them super skinny to fit into those boots. Look two is the most layered look. You've go three layers, as well as a scarf. I wear tanks year round and when under a bomber they're totally winter appropriate. If that's not cool enough for you, add an oversize army vest. I'm almost always wearing a scarf and I especially love circle scarves (no worrying about the ends being dipped in soup or strangling you). This one echo's the red of the tank top and with the blue pattern it doesn't look too christmas-y with the green vest. With so much going on on top, keep it simple with jeans and brown lace-up boots. Secret- what makes this outfit special is the mix of textures, mixed textures always look great. Look three is super sporty. Really its about as sporty as I am able to get. The awesome baseball jacket, (with room for a cardi underneath) the wedge sneakers (comfy, booty-lifting, and super stylish), and the slimming skinnies.
Get ready for dresses up next!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Keeping Warm in The Winter: Skirts

It's cold out, and I very much dislike cold; when there's no snow it just doesn't seem worth it. Unfortunately, I have a life which requires me to leave the house at least once a day, so I've been layering like there's no tomorrow. It's my fourth week in and I'm tired of feeling bulky, so here are some suggestions. Part 1 is skirts:

Keeping Warm in The Winter: Skirts
(From top left clockwise)
Look one is one of two brown based looks, all of these looks have a base color of either brown rot black because it's easier to start with one. It's also the only look without tights because the skirts is longer, but warm socks could help if this isn't warm enough. It's a ladylike, almost Victorian look but I added the skull tank for some fun. I almost alway wear a scarf and this leopard one goes great with the camel pleats. 

Look two is inspired by my awesome friend from Brooklyn. The last time I saw her she was wearing this awesome baseball jacket, also she's got awesome Doc Martens (they're not floral, though). The cardigan, tights and hat will help keep you warm.

Look three combines three factors of awesomeness; teal, monochromatic and capes. The teal button down looks great with the blue skirt, but not too match-matchy. The teal only peaks out because of the white pullover, but trust me it makes an impact when you also add those magnificent blue suede boots (Cue Elvis Song). Now the cape is the best part; the swingy silhouette of the cape in conjunction with the skirt and boots gives you Insanely Skinny Legs Syndrome, which is curable but I don't know why you would want to.

Look four is the second brown based look, even though the tights are black. Because this outfit is made up of mostly neutrals, the red skirt pops like magic, I chose red because it looks great on most people but really any color skirt would look great with the rest of the outfit. The leopards scarf and the shearling lined leather jacket also add interest because the secret to a mainly neutral outfit is mixing up textures. The boots are really popular right now and I love how they toughen up the sweet skirt, and if you add socks over the tights, that's extra warmth.

Look five is the rocker outfit, like the last outfit, the red skirt is the eye catching accent. the velvet works wonderfully with the leather bomber, an unexpected texture combination that totally works. I love this outfit because it is mostly black, which is a warm easy color. no wi would probably wear this with blue or black skinnies, but I think the skirt is far more interesting. This outfit might only be warm enough for those weirdly warm days. If you want to make this look warm out a cami under the tank, a sweater over the tank, and over size that jacket.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Performer Profile: Ed Sheeran

Straight up guys, he is the best. My camp friends introduced me to him last Summer and he is really cool. Ed Sheeran is a 21 year old English singer-songwriter whose album + is huge everywhere. He's performing tomorrow and i would give anything to see him. His songs A-Team and Lego House are his most popular I would say, although after about three thousands replays, A Team can get on your nerves. The video for Give Me Love (A song that sounds great accapella) is truly beautiful as is the video Small Bump. Small Bump is quite sad as are many of his songs. Cold Coffee isn't on the album but I would suggest you look it up.

As if he wasn't awesome enough , he is also friends with Rupert Grint, who appears in one of his music videos (Gold star for anyone who knows which, it can be hard to tell with both their red hair).

New Posting Schedule

I'm sorry that I've been very irregular (and completely) about posting, 2013 has turned out to be more hectic for me than I imagined. Starting next wednesday (it seems like a random date but trusted me it's carefully calculated) I will be posting a minimum of two times a week with no more Movestart Mondays or Fitness Fridays. Don't fret, there will be Performer Profiles and Health posts in the future. Thank you and Goodnight to those of you who have found a way to get to bed before 1.