Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Performer Profile: Ed Sheeran

Straight up guys, he is the best. My camp friends introduced me to him last Summer and he is really cool. Ed Sheeran is a 21 year old English singer-songwriter whose album + is huge everywhere. He's performing tomorrow and i would give anything to see him. His songs A-Team and Lego House are his most popular I would say, although after about three thousands replays, A Team can get on your nerves. The video for Give Me Love (A song that sounds great accapella) is truly beautiful as is the video Small Bump. Small Bump is quite sad as are many of his songs. Cold Coffee isn't on the album but I would suggest you look it up.

As if he wasn't awesome enough , he is also friends with Rupert Grint, who appears in one of his music videos (Gold star for anyone who knows which, it can be hard to tell with both their red hair).

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