Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Obsessions

  • Spring Break of course!
  • Psych reruns
  • Aretha Franklin- I've been singing so many of her hits lately, she's  too awesome, seriously
  • Hunter Hayes- I don't normally listen to country, but I like this guy
  • Pilates
  • Wedge sneakers- Lulu's has great ones, and if you're willing to spend the money, Steve Madden has nice ones
  • Altoids-yum :)
  • Salmon- I really love making salmon, and successfully grilling them is a real accomplishment for me, I'm more of the "put it in the oven and wait" type

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Keeping Warm in the Winter: Dresses

Layering dresses foor Winter
My last Winter layering installment, dresses, is now up!
Look One is in part inspired by Wicked. I heard a talk from the original costume designer a few years back and this jacket reminded me so much of their school uniforms. The architectural shape of the jacket compliments the flowing pleats of the dress beautifully and is echoed in the pointy-toed flats. The jacket's shape also highlights the skinniest part of most women's bodies.

Look Two's focus is this absolutely gorgeous jacket. Truly any awesome jacket will work with this outfit, but I love a collarless one with bright and intricate detail work. The key to this layered look is to not disrupt the silhouette of the dress. The button down should be thin so that the collar is the only detail that adds to the outfit. The jacket ends before the A-line skirt flares out, which exaggerates the skinniest part of the outfit. Make sure the dress ends within a few inches of the knee, below to highlight your calves, above to lengthen your legs. I would definitely wear heels with this outfit, they'll make the a-line skirt appear more dramatic.

Look Three is more relaxed than the other looks, and more figure friendly. If you want to wear a dress with a fuller skirt, like I've shown, than wear a shirt that ends no more than two inches past wear the skirt begins, if the shirt is too long than you lose your waist in all the fabric. If you go with a slim dress or body con, than the shirt can be a little longer, but not too much. I love a good bomber, and the stretchy bottom part is essential when dealing with this much fabric. I'm on a wedge sneakers binge, especially with dresses, they add height and lengthen the leg while keeping the outfit appropriate for day. This outfit would also work with boots, however, maybe loafers.