Monday, December 17, 2012

Movie Star Monday

There will be no posts this weeks because I am ridiculously busy with school and holiday stuff.
See you next week :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fitness Friday: Sleep

Sleep is important. Pretty obvious right, so why are so many people sleep deprived? Most everyone I know has to work late and get up early, so I don't have many well-rested role models. I know that I should get eight hours minimum, but how?
        First it's really important to sleep in a room that is completely dark. Living in the city thats not the easiest to do. Most nights I sleep with an eye mask, not one of those awesome froufrou ones, just a plain navy one. I used to get really freaked out by having my sight taken away, but I just took a deep breath and told myself to relax.
         Secondly, what really helps is to create a routine around your bedtime. It will teach your body what to expect before bed and after a couple nights doing these activities will get you into the right mood immediately. If I had the time to make a whole routine I would make a cup of tea, read a magazine or a book, do some yoga and listen to West Side Story or In The Heights until I fell asleep. Of course I am  not blessed with that amount of time or willpower, so my version has to be abbreviated. I'll be picking two (or one depending on how late I end up in my room) to do. A cup of tea and a good book sound great before bed! (Make sure you don't choose a murder mystery though, a couple nights ago I started  a crime book at 11:30 and was up till three because I couldn't sleep till all the bad guys were dead)
         Third, find out what stimulates you too much to sleep. I can't go to bed within half an hour of washing my face, however playing games on my iPhone with the brightness down doesn't really bother me. My mom likes to fall asleep to the TV. Most of my camp friends have sleep playlists.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


         I recently realized that I have no well fitting blue jeans. It's a terrifying thought that only leads to misery. I now have to go buy at least three pairs of blue skinny jeans or jeggings super cheap, which can only means hours spent at Forever21 and Old Navy, ugh. I've been trying to think of ways to make it more bearable, because as everyone knows three pairs of great jeans does not make up for the 27 cast offs that sucked. I was thinking of taking a cab home, which is really a treat after an extended shopping trip (my feet get so achey).

         I also have to decide what washes to get. The gaps in my wardrobe are normal jeans, funnily enough. I've got snakeskin, red, pink, high waisted, and flared; but no normal blue wash jeans. How many blue jeans does a girl need? I heard the average woman owns seven pairs of jeans; I think I'm above that though. 
The moral of this post? I need jeans, and jeans shopping sucks. Wish me luck.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Obsessions: December

December is an awesome month, one of my favorites :)

  • My new iPhone 4!
  • Instagram
  • Toffee
  • Reading books-I've been reading A LOT lately, like 6 books at once with another 10-12 waiting
  • Doctor Who- Technically this should be on every month's list but since the holiday special is coming out in a couple weeks I thought I'd include it.
  • Lucky Charms
  • Running- I've just started running again after  along break, I used to hate it but 15 minutes of intervals are a greta workout and not as tedious and horrible as long distance.
  • Rain
  • Doodle Jump and Curiosity-Most addictive games ever!
  • Gifts-buying and giving
  • Baking-I go into full baking mode during the holidays, like three recipes per gathering, mostly new ones.
  • 40's and 50's hair and makeup- I'm feeling old school classic girly-glam for this holiday season.
  • Argentine Food- Found a new restaurant, I'm Argentine so I appreciate some good meat and pasta.
  • Orange Juice-I was never a fan, but recently I've been craving it, so refreshing!
  • My new favorite necklace, silver pyramid pendant from Alex and Chloe- A gift from my aunt for Thanksgiving.


So you know those days when changing out of your pajamas seems like the death of all that's good and holy? Well today was one of those days, except I had to walk my dog. Good thing I slept in a tank and leggings. I have some weird aversion to checking the weather (even with my new iPhone 4!) so I love layering in the winter. You can't really tell from the picture but basically I just threw some stuff over my pjs. I have almost all my clothes in the wash so the limited options made it easier for me to pick what wore. 

My base for the outfit was of course a tank and leggings. The second layer is where it gets interesting. I got my red wool sweater out of storage for winter and this was its first outing this winter! It's a little scratchy but manageably so. Then comes the leather layer with my leather motorcycle vest. You can tell it's black from the picture but the closest I could find on Polyvore was white. I wore my black Steve Madden motorcycle boots because I  thought it might still be raining but they're no longer available. These were the closest I could find.
Then came my moms BEAUTIFUL Jil Sander black coat. She recently had it shortened ad I've been stealing it since. Its only fair since she stole my gray Zara coat :)

So that's how I layer for dog-walking.

Knit top / American Vintage trapeze tank / Jil Sander / Biker vest / Oasis legging, $22 / Steve Madden low boots

Fitness Friday: Heart Rate

This will be a short post, because while heart rate is important, there's not much to say on it.

After working out and getting my heart rate up I feel like I can breathe so much easier. Like there's more room in my lungs. Getting your heart rate up is important because it allows your lungs and heart to function best. Your target heart rate vary's depending on your height, weight, and age. There are a several different ways to find your heart rate, and I suggest you look them up. Knowing your heart rate is important because it tells you when you are working your hardest and also when you need to slow down.

By the way, you may remember all this if you've ever had a highschool gym class :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

MovieStar Monday: Elizabeth Taylor

She's been on everyone's mind a lot lately because of the Lifetime movie that just came out, and its truly no surprise that this goddess has yet another editorial on her life (Though maybe the Lindsey Lohan version is not the one you should see for the most accurate story. Check out the review from Go Fug 

Her life was really incredible, the woman is a testament to good acting and glamor. She made over 40 films and was a great philanthropist for HIV/AIDs research.
One of the most impressive things about her for me was her transition from child star to adult star. In this age when children are exposed much younger to sex drugs and rock and roll all you hear about is the rough transition of most child stars (take Lindsey Lohan for instance). I can only think of the stars of Harry Potter and Dakota Fanning off the top of my head. Although she was hardly a hit maker all the way through her career she started making some of the greatest films in her mid-twenties. Her dramatic skills were almost unparalleled in her day.

And don't forget her beauty. Those deep blue, intelligent eyes and her curvaceous body!

She was the subject of the tabloids for decades throughout her eight marriages, two of them to Richard Burton. She's an extremely interesting figure and her films are classic- Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf-you've probably seen reference to them even if you didn't know it.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The problem: Bustiers for Day

The problem I've always had with bustiers is that since I'm not going out every night I like wearing them in the daytime. Of course the boob factor of most bustiers is way to high for day but there are ways to turn a bustier into a part of an (almost) totally appropriate outfit. The Man Repeller knows very well how to turn something sexy into something cool and fashionable. I took a clue from her and decided moderation is overrated. The most important part of forming your outfit is choosing your bustier. I wouldn't go with any of the classically sexy ones (anything animal print, red satin, too much lace) and go with something bright. Here I've found four different ways to unsexy it up!
 Layering 1
Step one is your base; when you layer you want your base to be very thin, even if your going for a bulky look, because the base is the piece you can't take off. The beauty about layering is that you can take off or put on layers depending on your temperature, of course there is one layer you can't take off; the base. Although you the dress makes up the bottom half of the outfit, you could theoretically wear pants underneath and take off the dress without ever being naked. Which brings us to step two, the dress. The dress brings some life to your outfit with its bright pattern, while still maintaining the versatility of the outfit. You could leave out the bustier, switch the fur vest for a sleek black one and add some gold jewelry and kickin heels for a nighttime look. Step three is where you add the floral bustier. Now it may seem counterintuitive to add another pattern to this look, but since both patterns share colors and re around the same size the bustier adds interest and awesomeness. Step four is the extras. The fur vest will keep you warm and ground your outfit (as its one of only two neutrals).Yet another pattern, you may ask, why yes of course, why let your upper half have all the fun! the shoes' pattern is even closer in color to the dress and works wonderfully as an extension of the dress' pattern.

Layering (2)
Your base for this look is a simple jeans and tee. I chose the jeans because they were slouchy and cuffed, for this look you wouldn't want anything too sleek, and a more  scruffed up pair would increase the laid back part of this look. I then added some sweetness with the floral bustier, which compliments the mustard tee like a boss. I love layering tees under bustiers and bra tops; the style of your tee almost doesn't matter. I think together they look really cool. Then some structure with a maroon blazer, which helps tone down the sweetness of the bustier. A woven fedora and a blue scarf play off the laid back vibe of the base and white wedges tie together the whole casual yet structured vibe.  Originally I was going to add flats but I thought that wedges would work better with the blazer. for a sportier look switch out the blazer for a letterman jacket, lose the hat and the scarf and add some fresh kicks.

Layering (3)
Look three is for the girl who's not afraid to show some tummy. I wanted a sorta 70's vibe so I added flared jeans to the bright yellow bra top. You could easily add high-waisted ones instead to make it a little more covered up. A pink and black heart cardigan makes the top a little less scandalous but still allows you to show off those flat abs (or ab). A maroon fur vest keeps with the 70's vibe and takes away some of the cutesy-ness of the hearts cardigan. the color works well with the peach of the cardigan as they are in the same tonal family. The maroon bow shoes match with the vest and the cardigan.
*Remember, when in doubt go artsier and more high fashion

This look is a little more sexy but the color-blocking and warmth factor make it more comfy than the typical bustier look. The base here is an orange bra top and cobalt blue skinnies (Cobalt is one of this seasons hot colors!) très Knicks right? The next layer is an emerald green button down, slouchy and open it would be super relaxed. Over that I added a fuchsia double-breasted peacoat, you could leave this on and let the button down peek through or take it off once you're inside. The only prints are the accessories, which add for a subtle pop. Leopard flats and a muti-colored silk scarf that echoes the colors in the outfit. As you can see I've pretty much thrown out the only three colors in an outfit rule :)

If you haven't noticed I've really been feeling fur vests and florals lately. If anyone knows where to find a faux fur vest on a student's budget let me know.