Thursday, December 13, 2012


         I recently realized that I have no well fitting blue jeans. It's a terrifying thought that only leads to misery. I now have to go buy at least three pairs of blue skinny jeans or jeggings super cheap, which can only means hours spent at Forever21 and Old Navy, ugh. I've been trying to think of ways to make it more bearable, because as everyone knows three pairs of great jeans does not make up for the 27 cast offs that sucked. I was thinking of taking a cab home, which is really a treat after an extended shopping trip (my feet get so achey).

         I also have to decide what washes to get. The gaps in my wardrobe are normal jeans, funnily enough. I've got snakeskin, red, pink, high waisted, and flared; but no normal blue wash jeans. How many blue jeans does a girl need? I heard the average woman owns seven pairs of jeans; I think I'm above that though. 
The moral of this post? I need jeans, and jeans shopping sucks. Wish me luck.

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