Friday, December 14, 2012

Fitness Friday: Sleep

Sleep is important. Pretty obvious right, so why are so many people sleep deprived? Most everyone I know has to work late and get up early, so I don't have many well-rested role models. I know that I should get eight hours minimum, but how?
        First it's really important to sleep in a room that is completely dark. Living in the city thats not the easiest to do. Most nights I sleep with an eye mask, not one of those awesome froufrou ones, just a plain navy one. I used to get really freaked out by having my sight taken away, but I just took a deep breath and told myself to relax.
         Secondly, what really helps is to create a routine around your bedtime. It will teach your body what to expect before bed and after a couple nights doing these activities will get you into the right mood immediately. If I had the time to make a whole routine I would make a cup of tea, read a magazine or a book, do some yoga and listen to West Side Story or In The Heights until I fell asleep. Of course I am  not blessed with that amount of time or willpower, so my version has to be abbreviated. I'll be picking two (or one depending on how late I end up in my room) to do. A cup of tea and a good book sound great before bed! (Make sure you don't choose a murder mystery though, a couple nights ago I started  a crime book at 11:30 and was up till three because I couldn't sleep till all the bad guys were dead)
         Third, find out what stimulates you too much to sleep. I can't go to bed within half an hour of washing my face, however playing games on my iPhone with the brightness down doesn't really bother me. My mom likes to fall asleep to the TV. Most of my camp friends have sleep playlists.

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