Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Obsessions: December

December is an awesome month, one of my favorites :)

  • My new iPhone 4!
  • Instagram
  • Toffee
  • Reading books-I've been reading A LOT lately, like 6 books at once with another 10-12 waiting
  • Doctor Who- Technically this should be on every month's list but since the holiday special is coming out in a couple weeks I thought I'd include it.
  • Lucky Charms
  • Running- I've just started running again after  along break, I used to hate it but 15 minutes of intervals are a greta workout and not as tedious and horrible as long distance.
  • Rain
  • Doodle Jump and Curiosity-Most addictive games ever!
  • Gifts-buying and giving
  • Baking-I go into full baking mode during the holidays, like three recipes per gathering, mostly new ones.
  • 40's and 50's hair and makeup- I'm feeling old school classic girly-glam for this holiday season.
  • Argentine Food- Found a new restaurant, I'm Argentine so I appreciate some good meat and pasta.
  • Orange Juice-I was never a fan, but recently I've been craving it, so refreshing!
  • My new favorite necklace, silver pyramid pendant from Alex and Chloe- A gift from my aunt for Thanksgiving.

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