Saturday, December 1, 2012

The problem: Bustiers for Day

The problem I've always had with bustiers is that since I'm not going out every night I like wearing them in the daytime. Of course the boob factor of most bustiers is way to high for day but there are ways to turn a bustier into a part of an (almost) totally appropriate outfit. The Man Repeller knows very well how to turn something sexy into something cool and fashionable. I took a clue from her and decided moderation is overrated. The most important part of forming your outfit is choosing your bustier. I wouldn't go with any of the classically sexy ones (anything animal print, red satin, too much lace) and go with something bright. Here I've found four different ways to unsexy it up!
 Layering 1
Step one is your base; when you layer you want your base to be very thin, even if your going for a bulky look, because the base is the piece you can't take off. The beauty about layering is that you can take off or put on layers depending on your temperature, of course there is one layer you can't take off; the base. Although you the dress makes up the bottom half of the outfit, you could theoretically wear pants underneath and take off the dress without ever being naked. Which brings us to step two, the dress. The dress brings some life to your outfit with its bright pattern, while still maintaining the versatility of the outfit. You could leave out the bustier, switch the fur vest for a sleek black one and add some gold jewelry and kickin heels for a nighttime look. Step three is where you add the floral bustier. Now it may seem counterintuitive to add another pattern to this look, but since both patterns share colors and re around the same size the bustier adds interest and awesomeness. Step four is the extras. The fur vest will keep you warm and ground your outfit (as its one of only two neutrals).Yet another pattern, you may ask, why yes of course, why let your upper half have all the fun! the shoes' pattern is even closer in color to the dress and works wonderfully as an extension of the dress' pattern.

Layering (2)
Your base for this look is a simple jeans and tee. I chose the jeans because they were slouchy and cuffed, for this look you wouldn't want anything too sleek, and a more  scruffed up pair would increase the laid back part of this look. I then added some sweetness with the floral bustier, which compliments the mustard tee like a boss. I love layering tees under bustiers and bra tops; the style of your tee almost doesn't matter. I think together they look really cool. Then some structure with a maroon blazer, which helps tone down the sweetness of the bustier. A woven fedora and a blue scarf play off the laid back vibe of the base and white wedges tie together the whole casual yet structured vibe.  Originally I was going to add flats but I thought that wedges would work better with the blazer. for a sportier look switch out the blazer for a letterman jacket, lose the hat and the scarf and add some fresh kicks.

Layering (3)
Look three is for the girl who's not afraid to show some tummy. I wanted a sorta 70's vibe so I added flared jeans to the bright yellow bra top. You could easily add high-waisted ones instead to make it a little more covered up. A pink and black heart cardigan makes the top a little less scandalous but still allows you to show off those flat abs (or ab). A maroon fur vest keeps with the 70's vibe and takes away some of the cutesy-ness of the hearts cardigan. the color works well with the peach of the cardigan as they are in the same tonal family. The maroon bow shoes match with the vest and the cardigan.
*Remember, when in doubt go artsier and more high fashion

This look is a little more sexy but the color-blocking and warmth factor make it more comfy than the typical bustier look. The base here is an orange bra top and cobalt blue skinnies (Cobalt is one of this seasons hot colors!) très Knicks right? The next layer is an emerald green button down, slouchy and open it would be super relaxed. Over that I added a fuchsia double-breasted peacoat, you could leave this on and let the button down peek through or take it off once you're inside. The only prints are the accessories, which add for a subtle pop. Leopard flats and a muti-colored silk scarf that echoes the colors in the outfit. As you can see I've pretty much thrown out the only three colors in an outfit rule :)

If you haven't noticed I've really been feeling fur vests and florals lately. If anyone knows where to find a faux fur vest on a student's budget let me know.

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