Sunday, January 13, 2013

Obsessions: January

New year, New things to obsess over

  •  I found a pair of jeans! Forever21 is the best!
  • Weirdly warm days- seriously, what's going on January?
  • Spin class
  • Skater skirts like my aunts wore when they were kids, I've always loved them but /i now find myself constantly in one, they glide over my hips and highlight my waist like nothing else.
  • JCrew and Jenna Lyons- inspirations for my uniform, easy to put together, always chic
  • Color- anything to brighten up the dark days
  • Wedge sneakers- im looking to add to my pair and they've suddenly popped up everywhere; Steve Madden, Forever21, Charlotte Russe
  • Ganache, yum
  • Orange peppered caramel (a Hannukah gift) with shortbread and chocolate or dibs

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