Friday, February 15, 2013

Keeping Warm in the Winter: Pants

Winter layering
Part two, much awaited I'm sure. Now today is probably no the best day to post this seeing as the temperatures have skyrocketed but I'm sure next week  we'll  be back down to the 20's. Look one is Glam. The black fur is super chic, and very warm. The problem with short furs is they can look fancy fast, so let the boots be the only other somewhat fancy element. Jeans are a great compliment to the fur and make them super skinny to fit into those boots. Look two is the most layered look. You've go three layers, as well as a scarf. I wear tanks year round and when under a bomber they're totally winter appropriate. If that's not cool enough for you, add an oversize army vest. I'm almost always wearing a scarf and I especially love circle scarves (no worrying about the ends being dipped in soup or strangling you). This one echo's the red of the tank top and with the blue pattern it doesn't look too christmas-y with the green vest. With so much going on on top, keep it simple with jeans and brown lace-up boots. Secret- what makes this outfit special is the mix of textures, mixed textures always look great. Look three is super sporty. Really its about as sporty as I am able to get. The awesome baseball jacket, (with room for a cardi underneath) the wedge sneakers (comfy, booty-lifting, and super stylish), and the slimming skinnies.
Get ready for dresses up next!

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