Monday, October 22, 2012

Movie Star Monday: James Marsden

As well as being hot James Marsden is an incredible actor. He has great comedic timing and is a very versatile actor.
 He was in the underrated and under appreciated film Sugar&Spice, which I recommend everyone to see. The story is about a pregnant cheerleader and her friends who rob a bank to pay for her bills, James is sort of a side role as the main character's boyfriend and baby daddy, loveably well-meaning, and dumb as a rock. In The Notebook he played Ally's fiance Lon Hammond who gives Ally the choice that made me love him. Prince Edward in Enchanted. He's always in really enjoyable films, and he's incredibly funny, I loved him in Death at a Funeral. Right now he's Liz's boyfriend on 30 Rock. 

In Hairspray he proved his singing chops as Corny Collins, the host of The Corny Collins Show. I love the whole 60's look and feel of his numbers, they're so stiff in their perfection (Like hairspray hint hint hint) and the suits from that era are probably my favorite style to date.

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