Monday, October 1, 2012

Movie Monday: Rachel McAdams

               Rachel McAdams breakout role catapulted her to the top of everyone's list. You'd be hard pressed to find a kid who doesn't know who Regina George is. Mean Girls is a brilliant and funny movie that features a lot of GREAT actresses (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lindsey Lohan before she went crazy), and Rachel McAdams started her her path towards their ranks in this movie. Regina George is a perfect villain, she's mean, super smart, selfish, and she knows it. This is the point Janis makes, when Cady goes all Prima Plastic, what makes Cady so annoying is that she doesn't realize how horrible she is, unlike Regina. Regina commands respect, along with all the hate. 
                Her next film you probably already know, it's a big one, women everywhere cry at the mere mention of it. Yes folks, you guessed it, it's The Notebook. Now I have to say I jumped on this bandwagon pretty late, I guess I really just didn't get around to it until last Spring. It's a great movie (even though it didn't make me cry like it was supposed to). 
               She's been in several tearjerkers since (The Vow, The Time Traveller's Wife-to a degree) and a mystery (Sherlock Holmes). Overall she's picked pretty great movies to be in and always brings something to her characters which make them so real and likable, the sort of people you really want to have a conversation with. She was also in the Family Stone, a Christmas movie thats a little cliched but I liked it in a hokey way.
Now this girl has gone between super blonde and chocolate brown a thousand times but I've always preferred her with light brown hair. Now I know that there are people with other opinions on this but dark brown can seem harsh on pale people. Her as a blonde with lowlights is a close runner up for me. In Mean Girls the blonde she sports is a wig, but as far as wigs go its pretty great. 

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