Monday, October 29, 2012

Movie Star Monday: Rose Byrne

Bearing in mind that I've only seen two of rose Byrne's movies, I think she is a great actress.  

When I first saw X-men: first Class, I was 
totally blown away. I'd seen one of the previous movies and while I enjoyed the movie, it was in the realm of typical action movies (You know the type: hot girls, evil guy, hero's feel alone, they all come together to defeat people the bad guy). X-men first class was one of those movies that I thought about for day after. Her costuming was delicious, 60's at its best. 

Check out her gorgeous hair!
The milk chocolate hair grazing her shoulders is really perfect for her. The cut is similar to the "lob" of last year, but  more voluminous, and long. *Side note- I had a lob, even though curly hair doesn't exactly do short hair. 

In Bridesmaids she showed off her comedic abilities as Helen, the rich witch we hated just until the end. Helen was the antithesis of Kristen Wiig's Annie. It was almost painful to watch her sabotage Annie and takeover as Maid of Honor. When she finally lets herself crumble, as Annie says "This is the first time I've seen you look ugly, and that makes me happy!
Check out the different hair- Blond with some brown at the top, long waves, total rich second wife. 

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