Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Costume Breakdown-Mirror, Mirror

 I loved the costumes in this movie! Each one was beautiful and inspired and if you can they would make beautiful halloween costumes.
 I'm going to start with Snow's outfits, the first being her blue wedding dress. The dress is light blue over puffy medium blue and orange sleeves. It has a wide, white neckline and a floral base on the light blue skirt. It also includes a sheer baby blue petticoat that you see when the dress is pulled up. The back features an oversized bright orange bow (the same orange as the sleeves). Its one of the awesomest wedding dresses I've ever seen, one of two in the movie. Here it is in action:

As you can see, it appears less shiny on screen, and the folds of the sleeves look great in motion. The dress is paired with a tiara, and the light blue low 17th century France style heels from the picture above.

Her first dress in the movie is the pink and yellow floral dress to the right, with green sleeves, yet again puffy. Where the pink top meets the skirt the pink breaks into wide fringe pieces. The skirt is SUPER wide like most of the skirts in the movie and continues the floral pattern from the top. 
On screen it appears bluer, and personally I prefer it on screen, it takes away some of the sugary sweetness of the dress in person. 

At the queens costume ball she wears the white swan dress, with the wings, gloves and memorable swan hat. It's hard to see the detail of the dress but its beautifully white on white embroidery. The skirt has a layer of intricate lace and the top combines beading and lace with a scalloped neckline. The gloves are sheer and the wings are delicate wire and fabric. Also- don't you love Armie Hammer's (the Prince) hat!

Here she is in the dress after being spared in the forest by the queen's henchman. 

It's great for fighting too :)

When she joins the dwarves and learns to fight she puts on her kick-ass fighting outfit. Here it is full length, you can see the blue off-shoulder blouse under the black and gold vest. (Wow it took me a while to remember the word vest) She wears the blouse with a black, floor-length a-line skirt. It's one of the only seperates look featured in the movie, and way more practical for fighting than her other looks. Okay-its not super practical but I like to imagine she's wearing leggings underneath, so if she needs to she pull off the skirt and really get to work. 
I love the ponytail she pairs it with I think it really shows off her beautiful face (uh oh major girl crush forming:)) I've always been a major fan of teal and I think this teal is especially lovely, I think it's called peacock blue.

Onto the Queen, whose costumes perfectly reflect her over the top personality. They're large and bright and over-accentuate all the parts of the body. It's pink but on screen its rose gold. The top arrows down past to the hips and starts the gold and white embroidery that the skirt continues in different sizes. The shoulders are sculpted and the sleeves are fringed with gold.      

The picture of the back shows the poufy hips more, like a bustle except not on the butt. They're like slightly deflated balloons.

At her ball the Queen wears a red dress featuring peacock embellishment and actual peacock feathers. The gown's all red and white palette add to the drama of the wide skirt and angled sleeves. Instead of shoulder pads at her shoulders are sculpted cut outs meant to echo the shape of the peacock embroidery on her dress. The neckline is lined with white "feathers" sharper than her temper! (sorry-had to make the cheesy joke) she wore the magnificent peacock feather back during the ball which added to the dramatization of the human shape and height needed to emphasize the grandeur of her personality and fancies.

Now to the other wedding dress in the film. For the Queen's marriage to the prince she dons an immense white gown. Like seriously, it's huge. The silk (I believe) is cut to resemble leaves or feathers. The top boasts the smaller leaves which trickle down to the skirt in vines. The sleeves are off shoulder-like most of the dresses in the movie-and droopy ending in tight white cuffs that arrow down to the middle finger.The queen also wears a long white veil held on her head by a small white crown (and probably a thousand bobby pins).
Check out the Queen's undergarments, it takes hard work to wear dresses that good!

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